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I heart cookies

No really, I do. Check it out!

I made these amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies the other night thanks to Heather Kent. She shared the most amazing recipe with me. So amazing, that one of the cookies came out a heart.

How awesome is that!

A side story about this cookie: I wanted to take a picture of it and share it with you guys, but I had nothing to photograph it on. My friend Kloin [aka Follow the White Bunny] suggested I use a pretty plate from my cupboard. Um, yeah. I have no pretty plates in my cupboard. I mean there’s these really kewl cobalt blue one’s or some very down home vintage stoneware one’s. But nothing that would allow the cookie to stand out and make the cookie look as amazing as it is [I’m really mostly referring to the taste, but being a heart makes it extra special].

So, I went to the thrift store to find a pretty plate to photograph my cookie on. I found one, but it was too plain… then my son pops up and says, “hey, this one’s nice!” And it was! It was perfect. It’s romantic and simple and would let that cookie pop in the pic. Don’t you think? I love it. He’s got such a good eye, that boy.

Have an awesome day!