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Organic Gender Pronouns

I have to admit that I’ve been quite sheltered for the past 4-5 years. Being with a controlling and abusive person tends to do that. So, don’t be surprised when I say that this is the first time I’ve heard of anyone using a gender pronoun other than he or she. The article is here.

The one pronoun that really catches me as organic is ze. I don’t know if I ever would have gotten used to using “they” to describe one person, as it’s grammatically incorrect. But ze I can get behind.

I have a few questions though.

  1. If ze is singular, what would the plural form be?
  2. Would you say zer or zem when using objective pronouns? (btw, for it to be gender neutral, you’d HAVE to pick one and stick with it)
  3. Then, what about possessive pronoun format? Zes?
  4. And would the reflexive pronoun be zeself or zem/rself?

I have to say that I’m not entirely comfortable with using ze in all aspects of language just to incorporate gender neutrality in my speech and writing. I, and I’m sure I’m not alone, would prefer to have a possessive, reflexive and objective form of the pronoun. I think it’s necessary to further incorporate the word into the English language and to help people catch on quicker.

The inorganic ‘feel’ comes when you use words like “they” for a single person. But when you create the forms of the word and use them fluidly in writing and speech, people catch on. Just like they catch on to the massive amount of new language that the internet has created.

Now to just get them to use they’re, their, there properly.

My preferences for the ze pronoun are…

  • Possessive – zes
  • Objective – zer
  • Reflexive – zeself

Am I pronouncing this pronoun correctly? Is it zee or zey? I like zee, which would make zer: zeer, zeself: zeeself, zes: zees.


Magical Meatballs

My ex has this great recipe for meatballs that includes pork, veal, lamb, bread crumbs and a few other ingredients. I’ve seen him make them a few times and they didn’t seem that hard. So, recently I decided to try my own recipe on a budget. They turned out delicious.

Now, you don’t need all the tools I used as there are workarounds. I was just trying to save a little money.


  • hand cranked grinder
  • coarse grinding attachment
  • broiler pan
  • meat thermometer


2/3-1 lb of uncooked italian pork sausage
1 lb of chicken breast(s)
1/4 cup matzo meal
1 egg
1 T tomato paste
1 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp fennel
Salt and Pepper to taste

Set oven to 350° F with the rack in the middle position.

Set up your meat grinder and grind your chicken breast with the coarse grinder. If you prefer a finer texture, use the next attachment down from the coarse. Do NOT use the nut grinder attachment — it doesn’t work well with meat. Once the chicken is ground add the sausage, egg and tomato paste. Mix with your hands until mostly incorporated. Add your dry ingredients including the spices. Mix thoroughly.

Wet hands (keeps the meat from sticking to your hands) to roll balls about 2″ in diameter and place them an inch apart on the broiler pan. The meat will shrink so they don’t need much room. Cook for 20-30 mins until a meat thermometer reads 160° F.

Makes about 2 dozen meatballs. Serve with pasta and sauce or just sauce.




  • If you don’t have access to a meat grinder, buying the ground chicken should be fine. They use a different combination of chicken parts than I did and it’s about $1.50 a pound more for the ground chicken than the breasts. And considerably more for just ground chicken breast.
  • If you don’t have a broiler pan, a cookie sheet works fine.
  • If you don’t have a meat thermometer, you can cut a meatball open at 20 mins or check for firmness. To check for firmness: Press with a fork lightly to check the give. If the meatball seems to fight back, it may be done.

Minimum pay for minimum work

That’s the way it should be, but it’s not. I know people that sit on their ass all day doing fuck-all and still seem to bring home enough money to support a family of 5. I don’t get how anyone can say that fast food, service and labor workers are lazy and don’t deserve to be paid more than minimum wage.

Oh, I got right into it, didn’t I? Well, let me give you some points of reference.

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Androgyny at it’s finest

I was first introduced to model androgyny when I read an article on hermaphrodites in modeling (try as I might, I cannot find that article; so if you know the one I’m talking about, please message me!). It was enlightening to be made aware that there are models that can pose as male or female with limited modification. Androgyny in modeling was always something I had thought about when seeing the feminine looking men and the masculine looking women in Harpers Bazaar or Red Book growing up. I wondered, sometimes, if these people were really posing as the opposite sex.

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