About Me

Hi, I’m L (pronounced Elle).

I’m a single mom living in the United States. More specifically, the Pacific Northwest.

I am a survivor.

This blog contains my ramblings. Both political and benign in nature. I may even throw a few religious topics around, but not too much. Just sharing my world view with you.

If you’d like to join in a conversation, register first. I prefer all conversations remain public and open. Please do not hide behind a fake name to sling insults or email messages. If I’m sent email, I will feel obligated to share it and (if it’s especially nasty) the email it came from. I will not tolerate bullying on my playground. With that said, I love discussions, cited sources (I want to read it too!) and intelligent discourse. I welcome any opinion as long as it’s not abusing someone else’s rights. If your opinion is that the previous poster is an idiot and should die, move on, keep your trap shut or I will block you. If you can cite sources as to why the previous poster is wrong, hell yeah I want you to post them. But arguing for the sake of arguing will not be tolerated. I will revoke commenting rights any time I see this happening.

If you still want to join in on the discussion. Click the register link and I look forward to hearing from you.