Spelling isn’t always a skill, sometimes you need help

I was reviewing some comments I made on Facebook this morning when I noticed I spelled breathe wrong AGAIN! So, I figured I’d share with the world a list of words I commonly have issues with. The list below are the words I couldn’t spell right without that red squiggly line or an open tab to google or a mnemonic. My favorite mnemonics are princi-PAL to spell both principle and principal right, and B-E-A-utiful (from Bruce Almighty) to spell beautiful right. I before E except after C is a fallacy which I discovered very early in life, so never depended on it. Mostly I depend on sheer repetition mixed with a little phonics and an understanding of most of English to help me with my spelling, but for times when that fails, I love that little red line. And, as you can see, a couple of these words are actually spelled right, but for the wrong context, so easily missed.

Plus, I make up words all the time. Some of these words I don’t have trouble with every time, because I slow down and actively spell the word instead of relying on my muscle memory (typing). Words with two C’s in them seem to give me the most trouble. What words do you have trouble with?

My misspelling (correct spelling):

breath (breathe)
ocassional (occasional)
beutiful (beautiful) <– Bruce Almighty helps with this one
restaraunt (restaurant) <– I say “re-staaar-ant” to get this one right
eek (eke) <– two different meanings
discluded (excluded)
principal (principle) <– when I see the “pal” I remember the Simpsons skit
acommodate (accommodate)
theif (thief) <– and most other -ief words.
ryme (rhyme)
rythem (rhythm)
liscense (license)
ocurrance (occurrence)
fliar (flier or flyer)
greatful (grateful) <– I think cheese grater
innoculate (inoculate)
noticable (noticeable) <– I say “notice able” to get this one right
judgement (judgment) <– American vs English spelling
ocassionally (occasionally)
priviledge (privilege) <– I used to spell this privledge, but I started saying privy while typing it, still trying to drop that D
vaccum (vacuum) <– I have to say vac-yooooom when I actually get this one right the first time or I just won’t