Androgyny at it’s finest

I was first introduced to model androgyny when I read an article on hermaphrodites in modeling (try as I might, I cannot find that article; so if you know the one I’m talking about, please message me!). It was enlightening to be made aware that there are models that can pose as male or female with limited modification. Androgyny in modeling was always something I had thought about when seeing the feminine looking men and the masculine looking women in Harpers Bazaar or Red Book growing up. I wondered, sometimes, if these people were really posing as the opposite sex.

Switch Hitter Extraordinaire

Then, to further build on this idea, Elliot Sailors becomes a switch hitter. Well, technically she’s not modeling as a woman anymore, but I’m sure that if she were offered a job modeling as a female, she would take it. It’s become a matter of finding work in your field and androgyny has done that for this woman. I commend her for her resourcefulness and her ability to adapt. She’s a brave woman.

Defined Beauty


When it comes to the modeling world, there is a clear definition of beauty for women, but not for men. I think Sailors is correct when she says she has a long career ahead of her as a male model. It’s sad to think that at 31 years old and clearly still beautiful, she’s considered past her prime. I think a cultural shift needs to happen. It’s already happening in other countries. But we need to grow this into something bigger, something that encompasses all beauty.

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7 thoughts on “Androgyny at it’s finest

  1. Hey there. This post is tagged as “asexual” right now, but I think the word you’re looking for is “agender”. The latter is a gender identity; the former is a sexual orientation.

      1. Oh. I assumed that since she hadn’t had sex, or at least alludes to that in the video, that she’s asexual. Well, she was at the time of the taping, right? That’s what I was referencing with the tag.

        I think Andrej is an amazing example of how to be casual about gender, sexuality and beauty. She doesn’t seem arrogant or snotty about her beauty. I read some other articles about her and it seems that she’s ok with being labeled a dude by the press. Well, at least she doesn’t put a stink up about it, but the wiki article on her says this, “In an interview published in October of 2013, Pejić stated that she prefers to be referred to by female pronouns.” So, I will remember that when I talk about her in the future.

        And yes, I wanted to slap the interviewer across the face. But then again, I was very impressed with Andrej’s poise and demeanor through it all. No attitude, not a care. I love it!

      2. Whether or not someone has had sex doesn’t determine whether they’re asexual. It does seem to be an open possibility in her case, but as far as I know she hasn’t made any statement one way or the other about her orientation.

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