New purpose for old things

I’ve had this blog for 3 years. Tried being a craft blog. Found I didn’t have much to talk about. Tried self hosting to make it more interesting and to incorporate e-commerce aspects. Found I didn’t care much for marketing and dragging people to my site.

H&R Redifined

So, now, I have redefined what Hedgehog & Rabbit means and am taking this blog to a new level. If you want to see the old articles, I didn’t delete them. They’re there for entertainment purposes only and don’t reflect the purpose of this blog.


The future purpose of this blog is as a means to vent, to reflect and to share. Technically the real reason for a blog, but something I wasn’t “trained” to do in the past. See, this was a business blog. This was a way to advertise my wares and pimp my shit. I never felt comfortable with that. So, there will be links to buy stuff from me (I’ll never stop making), but mostly there will be very opinionated topics and things that ruffle my feathers (the poky side of life) and there will be things that make me purr and smooth me out completely (the soft side of life). I will be sharing it all.

Comments Welcome

Because of the completely rabid and controversial way that I write about my opinion, you will have to be a member to comment. Membership is easy to obtain and hard to keep. I will revoke rights if I feel I am being personally attacked or if someone else is. I fucking HATE bullies and won’t tolerate it on MY playground. With that said, I welcome differing opinions. It’s debate that really hones and sharpen one’s views, so bring it on, please! Prove me wrong (cite your sources please) and educate us on your views. Or just pat me on the back for how awesome mine are, that’s kewl too, but less helpful.

Anyhow, change is a good thing and as I dust this old blog off and repurpose it, I hope you get something out of it, even if it’s just entertainment.