Hedgehog & Rabbit has moved

Hi subscribers & visitors! Great news! I’ve moved the blog from a wordpress hosted site to a self hosted site. What does that mean for you?

  • This blog will now be archived and go private. I recommend heading over to the new site and clicking the rss link there. It’s conveniently located at the top and bottom of every page.
  • More features! I now have greater freedom to add pro looking galleries, an etsy mini and other script conveniences.
  • No more random adwords ads randomly in the middle of a post. (main reason I moved)
  • Same great posts! (less filling :p ha!)
  • An easier to read format. Less clutter means better on the eyes making it more fun to read.
  • A happier Lindsay! <– this one is SUPER important! {smiles}

So head on over, subscribe to my rss feed and sit back and enjoy the same great posts you’ve come to enjoy here. See ya there!