Mug Rugs, Tea and Quilts

I joined a mug rug swap on swap-bot thinking it’d be easy and quick. Little naive, me thinks!

I ended up trying out free motion quilting, binding and selective quilting. It was fun trying it all at once since I was so new at it. Ha! I failed at the free motion quilting, botched the binding and was fairly successful at framing the focal point in my fabric.


I am happy with the way it turned out, but am not too fond of quilting now. My fabric moved and bunched up in places, my stitches weren’t smooth because my backing fabric would stick and overall, it was much harder than I had anticipated.


I used some fun green burlap for the backing fabric because, well, I never get an excuse to use it and it seemed to work well. Maybe it’ll offer some traction to keep the rug from slipping. ;)


So, all in all it was an experience to behold. I really hope my swap partner likes it and doesn’t look too closely at the stitches. Ha!

The best part of this swap piece was using my vintage fabric and being able to machine embroider one of my many unstitched files. I don’t know how closely you follow me on twitter or if you do at all, but I have roughly 650 machine embroidery patterns and have stitched 70. Ridiculous right? Hi, I’m Lindsay and I’m an embroidery pattern addict. (Nevermind the 100+ hand embroidery patterns I have)


**all pictures taken and edited on my iPhone 3G (imagine what they’ll look like with a better phone!)