Happy Saturday

I’m struggling with not feeling very productive this week. “But your son just got out of the hospital!” you say? Yeah, I know. I’m too hard on myself. I’ll get over it. Here’s the latest Hedgehog and Rabbit news:

I have been tinkering around with an idea for my journals in my head. It requires crochet, embroidery, hand dyed yarn and a lot of patience with myself. Niche in the making (I hope).

I gave up on the newsletter because when I went to create it, the website completely failed on me. I tried until I was frustrated to tears. The site would not allow me to make the changes I wanted, so I gave up. I’m sure y’all don’t need more email to sift through, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.

Since that newsletter was supposed to contain some exclusive perks, I will be sending a plain text email with a coupon code for my craft shop to all who subscribed to the newsletter and to anyone who subscribes to my blog (providing there’s an email available). If you’re interested in the embroidery freebie, just reply to the email with “freebie” in the subject line and I’ll send you a printable PDF.

As for the journaling prompts that were supposed to be in the newsletter, well, as you can see, I’ve rectified that with JIFF posts. I really like these weekly posts and coming up with simple ideas you can journal with. If you journal online, feel free to include your link in the comments of any if the JIFF posts.

Well, that’s it for my monthly update. Look for it on the 26th of every month (or thereabouts).

Happy Saturday!