JIFF – week 5

It’s Friday! Journaling inspiration time! See the first post for rules.


This week I am in Orange, CA with my 10 year old son who’s having open heart surgery. He was born with Ebsteins Anomoly of the Tricuspid Valve. Heart surgery has come a long way since he was born, but this is not about that, so I digress.

Here’s your inspiration for this week…

What gets stored in the heart?


Be realistic: Think of the mechanical aspects of the heart and how it works. Write about how you think the heart works.

Be creative: Think of the heart as a place. Who would live there? Describe them – their personality, looks, interests, etc.

Extra inspiration and focus…

After thinking about the mechanical aspects of the heart, look it up. Google the human heart and find a subject that draws you in. Write about it.