Thrift store fun

I got some wooden embroidery hoops from the local St. Vinnie’s to finish Samara’s mobile, which started out looking like this…

I plan on making a big one with tons of pin wheels and three tiers. It’ll be awesome. Samara already likes the little one, but it’s simply too small for the space above her crib.

While at St. Vinnie’s (Saint Vincent De Paul Thrift Store), I always look through the craft section for yarn, mercerized cotton and fabric. This time was no exception and I found so much to use!


I found two doll blanks. One has crooked arms and a stain but the other is perfect! I also found a yard of purple cotton fabric that would make a great dress (or anything really) for Samara. Then I found some teal fingering weight silk/wool blend yarn, white with brown flecks soft fancy yarn and a skein of grey wool/mohair blend yarn. I love using natural fibers and these skeins were amazing finds. I look forward to crocheting something awesome with them.

I found some great colors of mercerized cotton too. Celadon, dusty blue, cobalt blue, white and silver twist and yellow/white variegated. I also found some chocolate brown darning yarn – which isn’t mercerized, but is untouched and super old. It originally cost 15¢ and I paid 25¢ for it. lol

Last but not least I got an Old Navy floral dress size 2T, Osh Kosh floral bloomers size 9 mos, Cherokee 2 in 1 long sleeve pink shirt size 18 mos and a Gap navy blue mini skirt in 12-18 mos. I love how the bloomers and the dress look like they were made from old sheets!

So cute! I forgot to photograph the Janie and Jack hat I grabbed to keep her head from burning in the sun. But it’s cute with blue, yellow and white stripes on the outside and blue terry cloth on the inside and was only 75¢. All in all I spent (drum roll please)… $12.15 plus tax. Equivalent items would have easily run me $150 for new and $110 for consignment clothes plus new craft stuff. ‘Cause, face it, you’ve never heard of a consignment craft store. (if you have, tell me about it!)

Have you had amazing finds while thrifting? Have a thrift store with the rare craft section? Share your thrifty experiences in the comments below. I love hearing about amazing finds!


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  1. Back in the fall I found the most ridiculously pink Marc Jacobs skirt for Kara that is pink tweed, super ballerina twirly with a tied bow on the side. And it was a whopping dollar :) Also when I was 18 I visited my aunt in San Fran and came home with almost a luggage full of thrift finds for college :D

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