JIFF – week 3

It’s Friday and it’s time for something inspiring! Ready for your weekly journaling inspiration? If you didn’t see the first post, I’ll post a subject to write about, usually a question to answer, then you can choose to continue with the exercise by being creative or realistic. Be as creative or realistic as you want. Do as much or as little of the exercise as you want. This JIFF is here to inspire you.


March is National Crochet Month. If you could dedicate a month to one craft which month and what would it be?


Be realistic: What would you make to celebrate that month?

Be creative: Draw a picture of the item you would make to celebrate that month of craft. Don’t worry about whether you can draw or not, just do it and accept it!

Extra inspiration and focus…
Either crochet something for National Crochet Month and write about the process or make something in your chosen craft and write about that process.