Hi all! I’ve been really busy with my baby girl and haven’t had much time for my blog. It doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. I just don’t have much time to myself where I’m not cooking, cleaning, taking care of baby girl or sleeping. Even the book I wanted to start months ago is read by the chapter only out loud to the little one. I’m on chapter 8 and I started reading it a couple weeks ago! Geez! We don’t even have time for that!

There are a few things I’d like to address about the blog and the shops. I have a wonderful newsletter planned, but no one is signed up to receive it! Be sure to click the link on the left and fill out the info to receive the first official newsletter of Hedgehog and Rabbit. In it you will find a 50% off coupon for my Etsy shop, an embroidery pattern, some fun journaling prompts, news and updates about the Etsy shop exclusive to the newsletter and a birth announcement for baby girl. She’s almost 6 weeks old, so the announcement will be a little late, but it’s the only place I’m posting pics of my newborn.

About the shop, I am having more and more time lately as she’s getting older and easier to take care of, so I will be offering custom journals only. Maybe the listing will be for a particular fabric, but, for the most part, you, the customer, calls the shots. If I come up with something amazing, you’ll see it in the shop, but until then feel free to message me or use the contact form to order a journal special made just for you.

Thank you for your patience during this busy time in my life and I hope to be back promoting journaling and free thought again soon.

Be sure to click the newsletter link and sign up, click on my sponsors [on the right] while you’re feeling clickish and leave a comment while you’re at it! hehe