I heart word pools

Hi all. It’s been a couple weeks. Miss me? I missed writing. I mean I HAVE been journaling periodically (like 12 out of 31 days last month), but it’s not the same as writing for others.

I’m here to let you know that I <3 word pools! I've been using the awe-manac to inspire journaling and one of the aha-phrodisiacs is word pools. It's basically a jumble of words you can use to write a story, poem or whatever you want. I like to challenge myself by adhering to their listed order.

Today's word pool (inspired by Langston Hughes): I wonder, laughter, the sun, move, dream variations, heart melodies, that, may, wrap them in a blue cloud-cloth, wander, do, bring.

Sometimes I wonder how laughter inspires the sun. Is it moved? Do our silly dream variations strum its heart melodies? I thought that it may like the giggles. That it'd wrap them in a blue cloud-cloth and wander about, hugging them like a lovey. I hope the sun loves laughter as I do. Especially with all the warmth that it brings, they seem like a perfect match.

So, what'dya think? Creative use of a bunch of words can be fun. Try it out for yourself in the comments below. :D

Book: The Awe-Manac – a daily dose of wonder by Jill Badonsky


2 thoughts on “I heart word pools

  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask you where you’re from, because of your blogs name, it’s a german fairy tale and it’s from my hometown (not really, I guess, but long time ago there was a little typomistake, but what ever :D) so I wondered that you know this not really famous fairy tale.

    1. The only story I’ve heard of was the love story a guy wrote to impress a girl that ended up flopping hard. I didn’t know of any other story. Hedgehog is my partners (sort of) nickname and Rabbit is representative of my children. It’s just a coincidence. Is it a good story? Do you have a link to it that you can share? :)

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