Coupon anyone?

Happy New Years Eve everyone!

In the new year I would like to find wonderful homes for all my items and fill the shop with all new things. Since a lot of my items are from a year ago, I would like to extend a discount to my blog readers. Just enter HRBLOGREADER at checkout to receive 20% off all orders.

The jewelry, wallets and brooches still have free shipping, but for admin purposes I’ve added a measly $1 to all other items you add to checkout. So, if you order 2 brooches, you pay just $1 for shipping. If you order a brooch, a wallet and a pair of earrings, you pay $2 for shipping. See, not too bad. This is simply to cover some of the costs of envelopes, gas and other shipping expenses.

Supplies, purses and my famous pomegranate brooch still have their own shipping price which still applies. All digital items are still completely free.

And look for a couple more embroidery patterns in the new year. Savannah Animals will be released after the first of the year and an amazing Dragonfly will follow a couple months later. I will not be stitching Savannah Animals prior to release, so if you’re interested in stitching and photographing it for my shop listing, you will get the pattern free. First come first serve. Just email me if you’re interested.

Alright all, that’s it for this year. See you in the new year with more content, and more awesomeness! Don’t forget to sign up for the Hedgehog and Rabbit newsletter to get exclusive news and freebies that aren’t offered here. Thanks!