Sunday To-Dos part 4

Wow, I didn’t realize I skipped 3 weeks of this. I’ve really been busy and preoccupied. Well, here’s what got done from Dec 5th and what needs to still be done before the end of the year. I will start these To-Do’s over at the beginning of the year. I think they’re good for keeping me accountable and also helping me see all that gets done that doesn’t end up on the list.

  1. make diaper bag
  2. make my journal
  3. finish my dad’s journal
  4. embroider onesies
  5. make newsletter subscription button
  6. finish afghan
  7. do laundry (I really should just remove this, it’s just such a large weekly task)
  8. go grocery shopping (same with this one)
  9. make more diapers
  10. finish diaper covers
  11. make ornaments
  12. edit photography
  13. make clay buttons
  14. photograph cookie
  15. write blog posts
  16. finish bib
  17. melt crayons
  18. make nursing pads with wool felt outers
  19. read books/blogs
  20. make ATC’s for swaps
  21. embroider cover for new journal idea
  22. Organize baby girls clothes and diapers
  23. clean house
  24. assemble crib
  25. buy car seat
  26. ship orders
  27. ship dad’s journal
  28. talk to dad about new project idea
  29. brainstorm ideas for new project
  30. pre-fold diapers for ease of use
  31. buy more random baby stuff
  32. make a bonnet
  33. knit a bonnet
  34. make a peyote bead for Hedgehogs dreads
  35. make a peyote bead for my dreads
  36. Knit a headband for Hedgehog
  37. Buy Rabbits holiday gifts
  38. buy everyone else’s holiday gifts
  39. So much more!!!

So, I’ve been slightly busy and trying to relax in between for the past couple weeks. I have 3 project ideas, each one bigger than the one before it. I also have some tentative decisions that need to be made on top of baby girl coming soon. So, saying preoccupied is understatement of the nth degree.

Here’s next weeks To-Do list barring any interruption like long labor and difficulties with such.

  1. make my journal
  2. embroider onesies
  3. start “Seeing Redd”
  4. Finish afghan
  5. do laundry
  6. go grocery shopping
  7. write blog posts for the following week
  8. make a newsletter subscription button
  9. display new advertiser to blog
  10. Ship orders
  11. Take care of a newborn

I think that’s it. Not much else needs to be done before new years. Beyond the new years I’ll be as busy as I was while getting ready for baby girl, but the break will be daunting enough without overloading myself with responsibilities.

Hope your holidays were full of laughter and great neighbors.

Remember to share your to-do list posts in the comments below. I’d like to see what you’re up to.