Baby is coming soon

For the past couple days I’ve been experiencing what can only be considered uterine prep for labor. The loosening. The Braxton Hicks. The excessive peeing. It’s not prodromal yet, but it’s getting there.

I’m due on December 29th, 2010 with our first baby girl. Being a mother of 2 boys already, I find having a girl to be daunting and scary. But, I also understand that a 10 year gap can be a huge factor in the fear I’m feeling. I also have no idea how to deal with a girl. Not ever really being one myself. lol

So, blogs get neglected. Shops get ignored. Twitter has been my only outlet, which makes me feel bad for not blogging. You guys need content here and I haven’t taken the time to bring it to you. So, I’m sitting here in my studio, drinking a cup of tea, listening to the dryer spin writing my weeks worth of blog posts. I think I’ve mentioned that I love the publish later option. I do, it’s handy!

In the next week, you’ll see an embroidery post with free downloadable PDF, a recipe post for lip balm and a coupon code for my shop.

My shop is still active, btw (both of them are). I have been shipping on time without issue. Once I go into labor it will be unpredictable when shipping will happen, but for the most part it shouldn’t take more than a week from ordering. I do have other people available to get shipments out in a timely manner. [smiles]

So, that’s the news. Baby is showing signs of being on time, even though momma would like her big ass to come early. She’s measuring large (between 7 lbs 12 oz and 9 lbs 12 oz). Not exactly the 7 lb baby I was hoping for. But I don’t predict any complications as she’s head down and facing my back like a good little fetus should just before delivery.

Thank you all for your patience during this time and I hope to offer a little respite during this hectic holiday season. Happy holidays all!