These are a few of my Favorite things

I’ve always loved that song My Favorite Things when sung by Kenny Rogers. The music creeps me out in a good way and for some reason reminds me of Troll. Weird, right?

Well, the song has inspired me to share some of my favorite things with you. Please share your favorite things in the comments below.

A great smile. Rabbits. Aziza’s meow. FLCL. Eating Ramen. Kittens playing. Driving long distance in my VW. Figuring
a design problem. Eating mac and cheese with tuna and
Binding books. Finding money in my pocket that I
didn’t know I had.
Finishing an embroidery project. Drinking
Ovaltine. Drawing with a Pitt pen.
Putting laundry in the
Watching movies with my kids. Painting with alcohol
Coming up with a design for a client that is exactly what
they’re looking for. Laying on the lawn under the cherry tree
in the summer and falling asleep.
Taking baths. Opening
Vacuuming a dirty rug. Buttons. Getting new ATCs in
the mail. Having a picture turn out amazing. Cutting and
folding paper. Babies laughing. Sunset over the ocean. Looking
at fish in their natural habitat.
Eating sashimi. Sunrise over
the mountains.
Children learning. Researching nutrition.
Getting great answers to my many questions. Finding
awesome blogs to follow.
Opening presents to see the look on
the givers face. A good beer. Conversations on Twitter. Butts.
Green eyes. Baby talk. Breaking spines.
A combination of notes
that makes me sway. Freetrade. Magazines. Winning a sudoku
Watching YouTube video tutorials. Playing Pocket
Frogs. Reading blogs. Collecting yarn. Colors. Bead shopping.
Natural textures. Small waterfront towns. Window shopping.
Taking long showers. Reading reference books. Adding
Comments to great blog posts. Pu-ehr. Bass. Book stores.
Reading comments on my blog. Organizing. Awesome smells.
Getting email. Filling out surveys. Rats. Creating something
from scratch. Looking at amazing art posted online. Browsing
art galleries. Giraffes. Rock Climbing. Kayaking. Snorkeling.


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  1. I love this! So many great favorite things. Quite a few are things I enjoy as well. Do you mind if I steal it to do over at Sanity’s Overrated some time?

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