Niche Yearning

When browsing the internet and looking on Etsy in particular, I tend to gravitate towards things no one else makes. I find artists and crafters that make original things – or niche things. Then I want to create niche things. Isn’t that the goal of any artist, to inspire creativity and imagination?

Well, it works. They do a great job of sharing that creativity through their work. I’m inspired!

Here’s some of my favorite inspiring people… feel free to click on the pictures to visit their sites or shops.

As you can probably tell by now, I love embroidery and illustration. I have some other loves as well, but these artists are the one’s I look to for inspiration and they nurture a longing to create art for the sake of art without purpose. It’s a simple thing I struggle with. Everything I make must be practical (I tell myself), but I’m not thoroughly convinced. Eventually, someday, maybe soon, I would like to create a piece of art, that is just that… art!

I’ll close with a piece of art that I love, that inspires me every time I look at it…

Have an inspiring day!


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