Beautiful Jewelry by Intentional Adornments

I frequent twitter and have found many talented people by adding and adding (and adding) people to my timeline. It’s been an amazing way to get to know other artists and find those diamonds in the rough that seem to get overlooked with all that’s available on the internet.

I recently came across just such a person. In 2 years she has sold 40 things and that amazes me. With talent like Samantha Page’s (Chveya), I would expect a higher number of sales than that.

Recently, I acquired some earrings she made. They were called pink waterfall and were made with the most beautiful stone – rhodonite, I believe ruby moonstone. I have to say, the quality and craftsmanship in these earrings are amazing. As a jewelry artist for over 17 years, I admit, I can make these. So, take it from me, it’s no easy task to make earrings of this quality with this much attention to detail. It takes skill and care to create such beautiful wire wrapping and to pick out just the right beads to get the look and feel of something that flows. She’s a jewelry artist through and through.

I can see, just from these earrings – that were made last year btw – that Samantha is very good at what she does. And though her shop images are beautiful, they don’t speak to the quality of her work. I don’t think any photographer could capture that quality. You’d really have to see it to believe it. I highly recommend her work.

BTW, my images are crap compared to hers. lol

Thank you Samantha, for creating such a wonderful addition to my jewelry box AND my wardrobe.

Here are some links for you guys:

Samantha’s shop:
Her blog: