Zibbet Fire is Squelched

Remember when I gave in? I do. And though I love the community and the concept of Zibbet, I do not love the views, sales or constant pressure to buy into a site that doesn’t give me views or sales. I think that’s my only real complaint. Every newsletter, every person you talk to, wants you to pay for your shop on Zibbet.

With a 50 item free shop, why would you pay for Zibbet? Some people love the added features in the paid shops. I’ve learned to live without them. Some people have more than 50 items. I only have 30 I’m willing to list there. Some people just like the community better and want to support it. I love the community as well, but as a business owner I cannot support a site that doesn’t offer me a way to pay them. What I mean is, if I get no sales, then I’m paying out of pocket for my pro shop; I’m not willing to do that.

So, I gave in. And that’s exactly how I see it. I love my big cartel shop. I even like my Etsy shop with all the drama going on with our profiles. I’m happy where I’m at. So, though the Zibbet shop will remain open, it will also remain virtually untouched and mostly unpromoted. [promoting 3 shops was hard yo!] I’m not expecting sales there. Not anymore. So, I’m simply leaving it alone, letting things expire and just having it as branding marker.

Thanks for listening.

Have an amazing day!