Sunday To-Dos part 3

Last week I added kraft paper snails and rabbits to my list. Not too sure it helped with expediting anything, so I won’t be doing that with this weeks list.

Here’s what I’ve done since last week… teal is from the original list.

  1. Make a diaper bag
  2. read book/blogs
  3. make my journal
  4. make dad’s journal (I started this journal)
  5. embroider onesies
  6. make newsletter subscription button
  7. do laundry
  8. finish afghan (I worked on this one night)
  9. make more diapers
  10. make ornaments
  11. reshoot jewelry
  12. list jewelry
  13. ship sales
  14. make clay buttons
  15. write blog posts
  16. go to trunk show
  17. embroider waiting projects
  18. sew elastic on gussets
  19. buy plate for photographing cookie lmao
  20. buy more photography props at thrift store
  21. organize studio
  22. reshoot wallets
  23. Make nursing pads
  24. get crayons ready for melting into toddler crayons
  25. Wash baby stuff

I got a lot done this week, but not a lot from my original list. Some of it wasn’t that important, but a couple things I only have 2 weeks to do. Baby will be here in about 3 weeks. I should definitely have some more diapers made up and that diaper bag done very soon. And my dad’s journal is embroidered now, so it should be done this week as well. Let’s look at what I have planned for next weeks tasks.

No pic today… *pink absolutely cannot be deferred.

  1. make diaper bag
  2. make my journal
  3. finish my dad’s journal
  4. embroider onesies
  5. make newsletter subscription button
  6. finish afghan
  7. do laundry
  8. go grocery shopping
  9. make more diapers
  10. finish diaper covers
  11. make ornaments
  12. edit photography
  13. make clay buttons
  14. photograph cookie
  15. write blog posts
  16. finish bib
  17. melt crayons
  18. make nursing pads with wool felt outers
  19. read books/blogs
  20. make ATC’s for swaps
  21. embroider cover for new journal idea

Wow, are my lists getting longer? Anyhow, that’s all the stuff that needs to get done this week. We’ll see how much of it I defer.

What do you need to get done? Share with us in the comments below. Have an awesome day!