Ready, Aim, Focus


I have been open on Etsy for over 3 months now. I’m really starting to get the hang of things. Listing items is getting faster, managing sales is easier and overall I’m getting used to running my Etsy shop. It’s been 3 long months of learning and applying techniques I’ve read on other blogs. It’s been good.

Recently, I found a bunch of jewelry in my back stock. Stuff that didn’t sell or never got listed was just sitting in a box in my studio. I had a handful of rings and pendants I made and some earrings and brooches my mother made. I decided to photograph it all and list it. Now, I don’t want to be considered a jewelry shop; I don’t make jewelry (anymore). Aside from the wooden pendants I want to make more of, I’m pretty much done making jewelry to sell. So, this puts me in a pickle.


When I first started Hedgehog and Rabbit, I had the intention of working with myself instead of against myself. For years I focused on making things people like and sometimes things I liked to make. I would see something I am capable of making, see a demand for it and try it out. Only to find that I’m left uninspired and searching for something more meaningful to do. Hedgehog and Rabbit was supposed to be my clean slate to do what I want.

I love making things. I love sharing what I make. I love talking about making things. It’s part of who I am. I know I am not capable of making the same thing month after month, let alone year after year. My interests change and morph and move like the tide. Waxing and waning. So, my aim was to make things to share and talk about it.


I’m not sure if you noticed my tagline on Etsy; “A Craft Shop” was a very intentional choice for me. I decided that Etsy was not going to be my “serious business” shop. It was going to be the place that I dump all my creativity and random craftings. It was my craft shop. Never the same place twice and good luck finding more than a dozen of one type of thing. I just needed a venue that I didn’t have to be tied to. So, I listed all my backstock and some new items to see what they’d do. So far, they’ve been well received.

That’s only part of my focus. If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I make journals and am pretty excited about them. I love making them and they’re a great blank canvas for my creative energy. I’ve listed some in my Etsy shop, but have always felt they need a shop of their own. Time to focus.

My original plan involved listing the higher end journals in my big cartel shop and the cotton/recycled journals in my Etsy shop. I’ve never been comfortable with that idea. Remember how I said I want to work with myself and not against? Well, this is where I start cooperating with myself.

So, beginning at this week, I will be listing all new journals in the big cartel shop and all crafts – including the purses and wallet that are in my big cartel shop – will be listed on Etsy. I will manage both shops. I still like Etsy, afterall. I will just focus each shop more and stay with that focus.

Hopefully, I will still be in the habit of making a dozen of something before moving on, because people seem to like choice. But really, unless it’s a journal, I don’t foresee myself making more than a dozen of something. It’s just my nature.

So, what’s your focus? Is there a blurry spot in your business that you need to focus on? Share in the comments below.

Have an awesome day!