Random musings of an entreprenuer

I’ve been thinking, today, about going full time in my big cartel shop. I’m already spending the same amount of money on Etsy as I am on big cartel, but what if I took the Etsy money out of the equation, paid for the 100 item shop and just advertised one shop? It’s tempting, when I think about it, but I still need the Etsy exposure, and lately, my sales have jumped. Bad timing, but no decisions are being made right now. Just thinking.

I needed to get that off my chest, thanks for listening.

I made some amazing pumpkin chocolate chip cookies last night from a recipe I got from Heather Kent. Check out her shop, buy me anything from there (just kidding) and marvel at her little framed pendants. Anywho, one of the cookies will be featured in a post soon. I just have to share this cookie. Ooh, maybe a wordless wednesday post. Haven’t done one of those yet, have I?

Hope your day is awesome!