Sunday To-Dos part 2

I wrote a to-do list last Sunday, if you remember. And thought of making the post a weekly thing. Well, we’re still seeing how it goes, as it’s 9:30pm on Sunday and I’m just now getting to it. [smiles]

I crossed off what I accomplished this week and added what I need to do this week. The teal items are from the original list.

  1. make diaper bag
  2. photograph jewelry
  3. read books/blogs
  4. make my journal
  5. make my dads journal
  6. embroider onesies
  7. do laundry
  8. grocery shop
  9. make newsletter subscription button
  10. submit post/item to another blog
  11. write new blog posts
  12. finish baby girls star afghan
  13. make more diapers
  14. make ATCs for swap
  15. make tags for swap
  16. make ornaments for swap
  17. edit photographs
  18. list new items in shop
  19. go baby shopping
  20. figure out the button dilemma
  21. destash some items
  22. take pics of destash items
  23. list destash items

So, I got a lot done, just not a lot of what was on the original list. lol. The same goes for this week as last week: nothing is added that requires another task and it’s in no particular order. This is my list for this next week…

(I added kraft rabbits for items that are expedited and kraft snails for items that can wait. The rest is undecided.)

Do you have a to-do list on your blog? Share the link with us, so we can see how busy you are!