Faery Tales Come True

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my boys. They also know that I’ve always wanted a little girl. With that said, I’m not a terribly girly person. I like to rock climb, get dirty, get in the pit at rock shows, wear jeans and t-shirts and drive like a man. I do like feminine things and love wearing dresses and make-up, but it’s a joy for me because I don’t do it often. For me the best outfit is a pair of funky tights, some knee highs, boots and a pair of shorts or a skirt, paired with a t-shirt and cardigan. That’s as fem as I get on a regular basis.

Okay, so… I was at a craft store some point after we first confirmed we were having a girl [Yes!]. At this craft store they have a dollar section. Well, there are many things in this dollar section, but I ended up picking out the most girly thing there. lol. I pondered this for months. I wondered where my head was at that I got stuck buying this thing that was so girly it hurt. I promised myself that I would make it less girly in how I painted it.

So, I have had this little wooden faery (I spell it that way because of a dear close friend) sitting in my studio, waiting, patiently, for me to paint it. She just kept looking at me asking with those huge eyes of hers, “have you figured out how you want to paint me yet?” And I have to say it took a couple months for me to be in the mood to paint. I think the ATCs did it. I painted 9 of them just before I started on her. My little wooden faery is done waiting now, for little girl to be born and to be set up in her “room”.

I love the way she turned out. Her skin is green because she’s a mythical creature of the woods. Her pink stuff is actually more lavender when the paint was wet, but I still like it. The blue breaks up the pink really well… overall, I don’t think it’s terribly girly. Yes, it’s a girlish thing, but it seems a bit more relaxed than the pretension that accompanies “girly” things. Anyhow, I am including some close-ups for you to ogle.

Happy painting!


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