Carved stamps make for great rustic, one of a kind labels. I bought these tags and decided they needed something simple personal, so I carved a pomegranate and my shop initials out of a blank stamp and wallah! Instant branding. The paper in the image below is reclaimed from supply orders. It’s just a simple packing paper, but looks so very nice hand stamped!

Before I made my stamp and set up the above packaging, I tried a few things to see how they’d work for me.

The colored tissue is what I’ve always done and tying it up with cotton yarn makes it even more inviting and warm. It just wasn’t enough.

Next, I tried making a sweet linen bag to wrap my sales in, but decided that this wouldn’t be very easy to do if I were to get a lot of sales.

Inside of these sweet little packages is my customers purchase (in this case a wallet), a couple business cards and a matchbook notepad that I made myself. Inside the note pad I write a thank you and stamp another hand carved stamp I use. It has a hedgehog and a rabbit on it. [smiles]

The pizza box is handmade out of scrapbook card stock. So, each box is different, but each brooch and pendant comes in a box made to fit it exactly. These two pics go together. I couldn’t resist adding a picture of my favorite brooch. I almost kept this one. If I ever find this button again, I’ll make myself one just like it. Otherwise this is the only one in existence. I hope she loves it like I do.

Well, there you go. You got to see all that you get when ordering from Hedgehog and Rabbit. I think they’re sweet little packages that make the order extra special and nice. And if you have ideas for how to add something special to your packaging, feel free to add a comment below and share your ideas with us.

Happy packaging!