Developing a Niche

If you look in either of my shops, you’d see a variety of items. From embroidery patterns to journals, brooches and pendants. It’s the reason I call my Etsy shop my craft shop. I tend to make a lot of different things and wanted a place to sell all those things. I don’t recommend this.

If I were to do it the way I think works, it would be to pick one product and develop like products around that. My original focus with Hedgehog and Rabbit has changed since inception, but it was so rapid fire I’m sure you guys didn’t even notice. I started out making patterns and got into a fight with Illustrator. When I figured out that I couldn’t work with this program daily without getting frustrated, I changed my focus. That took a lot of soul searching and even writing everything out so that it was a bit more tangible.

Eventually, I gathered all the things I love to do and use and came up with journals. They fit who I am and what I’m about as well as how I like to create. If I want to be lazy, I can make a very plain fabric journal. If I want to go all out, I can break out the beads and embroidery and make a fancy one.

When I realized I had almost filled up my most recent idea journal, it became apparent that I love journals. See, I have about 15 lying around the house in various places, but I’ve never filled one to the last page. I just love buying them and having them. I don’t use them as much as I buy them. But this journal I’ve been using for ideas and business notes is almost full, which means I almost NEED a new one. (haha)

I’m not about to stop making other things besides journals, but I will be focusing on that niche more in my shops. Now to figure out how to move my brooches, wallets, scarves (which you haven’t seen), pendants and purses – that’s where I’m stuck and I think I’m shooting myself in the foot when it comes to my shops. Just being honest.

It would be fine if I were just selling accessories. But I’m not. I’m also selling journals and jewelry and patterns and… you see what I’m saying? Develop a niche, become an expert in that niche and stick to it. Jumping around from craft to craft does not an expert make. People like experts. I know I do.

Here’s to developing my niche [clink]!

Happy niche discovering. (?)


One thought on “Developing a Niche

  1. I just call it lack of focus. Totally understand what you mean it is much easier to sell your items if you specialize in something. Too bad I find that kind of tedious. Variety is the spice of life especially creative wise. Good luck on the journal venture, they are beautiful.

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