Sneak Peek

For about a month now I have been working on a new product to offer in my shop. The brooches can be fun to make, so I may continue to make those now and again. The wallets, well, I prefer to custom make those. I won’t be making any new one’s unless there is a request to do so. Which is why I have a pattern available.

I was soul searching one day about what I want to make. I have many talents – more of a jack of all trades, master of none – and a few things I like to do. A few of the things that have remained consistent are sewing, embroidery, crochet, journals, graphic design, paper craft and stamps. So, you can imagine it was hard for me to figure out what I want to make and sell in a shop. I’ve played with pattern making, bag making, brooches, pendants, sewing notions, cards and embroidery pattern making. I have offered all of these in my shop. But I think my lack of passion is apparent. I wanted to find something I’m passionate about.

I love my brooches and have kept a few in my private collection, but they’re not something I want to make a million of.

I love my bags and have enjoyed making them, but they are not something I want to make a million of either. I may, though, attempt to share my original designs, either by pattern for sale or a tutorial.

I don’t like making cards, I’ve found. I like making small pieces of art. Which spurred my ATC obsession lately. But that’s just a hobby.

I love my pendants and would like to offer some more in the shop – just waiting on some bails and chain. But that’s not going to be the main product either. And it’s going to be a limited run.

So, what is it, you ask? Well, here’s a glimpse or two to whet your senses. The release will be coming sometime next week.

Happy creating!


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