ATCs Are Awesome

Almost a year ago, I decided that I was going to draw more. I wanted to learn how to love my drawings even when they’re not “perfect”. Keri Smith helped with that a great deal. I love her style of drawing and tried to emulate it in my journaling, note taking and other random writings that don’t require much seriousness. It’s taught me how to relax when I draw.

So, just a few months ago I started drawing with black pens. No pencils, just pens. I have a couple favorites including my Pitt pens, a Parallel pen and my Triplus liners. I use them a lot. It helps me to improvise and work with mistakes as well as not depend on an eraser to remove mistakes.

These are the ATCs I’ve done so far. They’re in no particular order, but the gnomes are the last one’s I did. Two are missing because I forgot to photograph them.

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I have been making ATCs lately. A lot of them (as you can see above). So, I’ve needed an info sheet for the back to display my name, email, date, number and whatever info I want to add. I usually add an “ingredient” list which includes all the different things I used to color and draw the ATC. Anyhow, I made myself a PDF to print out these little info sheets and made them available for you to download as well. Just click the link below and follow the prompts.

ATC Info Sheet.pdf

Happy artist card trading!


9 thoughts on “ATCs Are Awesome

  1. EEEP!!!! I absolutely love your blog… I really love crafty blogs hehehe….. (unfortunately I cannot follow anyone,, Ive been trying but the links won’t work, maybe it’s my internet browser.. I will try again to follow you though I love your blog!!)

    Littlebear from swapbot blog swap xx

    1. Oh no! I’m sorry your browser isn’t cooperating. Did you try the “email subscription” box up on the left? Just above that is the RSS feed button. It’ll either take you to your feed organizer or if you right click it and click “copy link location”, you’ll save the link to your clipboard to paste into a feed aggregator.

      I’m looking forward to bringing more content soon. Been busy with my product release coming next week. :)

  2. I love the print behind your ATCs. I hadn’t thought about using something like that. (To be fair, I’ve only done one or two ATCs in the past, and that was a long, long time ago. I’m thinking of doing a few more though. There’s a David Tennant one over on SB that has me intrigued.) I may download your PDF for it, though.

    1. I have a bunch of old books that I’ve ripped up. The one I’ve been using is the Green Fairy book. It was a severely damaged book I rescued from my local book store for card making and whatever else. The images in it are amazing. I eventually want to collect the entire series, just to color in the pictures. lol.

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