Some people will think they’re in a funk because they’re not doing something they’re so used to doing. If you look at it from that perspective, it can really get you down. I try to look at it a different way. Phases. Phases are nothing to worry about. They happen.

Some phases run long. Some phases are short. Some phases go away never to come back again. Some come and go like the tide, regular and impending. Some come and go without any sort of sense to it at all.

I have noticed recently that I do this with Twitter (amongst other things). I get on there, tweet about EVERYTHING, then stop. Then, I don’t feel like tweeting at all. I love talking to the people on my following list, I just don’t feel like it. If that makes sense.

So, lately, I’ve been neglecting my twitter and focusing on making things. It’s natural progressions like these that help me realize why I can’t be a consistent person. I suppose being consistent at being inconsistent is still consistent. (sort that one out! HA!) I would simply like a little routine in my life. Maybe. Not sure – it just seems like something that’s always evaded me the way a cat evades a dog; No interest in setting up camp with a sense that bears will eat it at any time – routine simply evades me. (there’s two analogies for you to chew on)

In the end, I’m still here, just concentrating my time in other places. Miss me, but not too much. I’ll be back annoying the twitterverse in no time flat.

Happy crafting!


One thought on “Phases

  1. I really get this. While I have the opportunity to set up a routine for myself, I allow myself to follow my phases, which come quite often due to my bi-polar disorder. I’m in the process of learning how to follow the lead of my body & my mind and hope the rest straightens itself out.


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