I love my library

Visiting my local public library has always been a joy for me. I don’t drive over there as often as I should, but then again I don’t read as often as I should either. [smiles] When I do go, I tend to over do it and have to renew the books I get, sometimes once, sometimes twice. I love having that option and love that I can browse books for hours without the hustle and bustle of a book store and no pressure to buy anything.

This last time I went, I was bound and determined to get something that will be helpful to my business. I grabbed many books… too many. That basket was HEAVY!! After flipping through them and deciding on the creme de la creme, I still managed to come home with 6 books. Nevermind the 3 that were already sitting at home.

My book list…

  • The Complete Guide to Light and Lighting in Digital Photography by Micheal Freeman
  • Photographing Arts, Crafts and Collectibles by Steve Meltzer
  • Subliminal Persuasion by Dave Lakhani
  • Success Built to Last by Porras, Emery and Thompson
  • The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapman
  • Craft Business Basics by Terri Anderson

My intention was to improve my photography skills, write better descriptions for my products and run a tighter ship, business wise.

So far I’ve read 90% of The Handmade Marketplace and about 15% of Craft Business Basics. I found The Handmade Marketplace immensely helpful in all aspects of my current endeavor. Really! But I don’t recommend Craft Business basics. It’s a quick read as it’s a very short book and the lines are double spaced, but after reading the forward, the intro and the first chapter, I’m pretty sure the advice in this book is better found somewhere else.

I’ve also looked through the photography books and applied some of the techniques to my recent picture taking. They were immensely helpful and easy to understand.

Now, the self help style books aren’t necessarily my style. But I thought I might learn a thing or two about communication, including self talk. I haven’t opened them yet. I hope they’ll be helpful.

So, I obviously recommend hitting up your local public library for your books. The more people that visit the library, the more the state realizes they need funding and stops cutting it. Currently, across the nation, libraries are being closed due to lack of funds. This is a travesty and needs to stop. Your visits can help!

Happy book browsing!


8 thoughts on “I love my library

  1. in highschool I loved getting my bike and drive off to the library and just look and search through all the books, I could be there for hours …
    Now my visit has to be quick, ’cause of school, kinda sad :(
    I can now visit the library in the town where I have a dorm and my hometown so that’s a bit better :D

  2. Hi, I like the photography book and all relative to photography.
    I’m gabriela (gaquero) following from swap bot (blogger swap)

  3. I love my library too and spend hours there. I find the books you recommended pretty useful as I am thinking of setting up my own handmade shop. I will search for those titles the next time I am there. Thank you (:

    mag x

  4. Hi! I’m sillyna511, following from swap-bot!

    I love going to my library, too. And like you, I never go as often as I could, and I’d like to go more. Although I mostly read fiction, but that’s because I don’t have any wonderful skills like you do, to be able to make and sell all the gorgeous things you do! :)

  5. Hi there! I’m lorijo2003 following from the SB blogger swap. I look forward to following your blog. I love your library post. Now that I’m in my 30’s I’m finally starting to find time to read for entertainment. There’s just not enough time in the day to read all the books on my list:)

  6. I love my local library. I use it more for fiction reading than non-fiction, but every once in awhile I browse for something more useful than fun. My family and I go every Saturday and we usually come home with 12 or so books between the 4 of us (and that’s with one of the kids being 2 and the other being 4). We have a lot of renewing a few times because our eyes are bigger than our ability to read through them in 3 weeks. :)

    I hope you find all your books as useful as you did the first few.

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  7. I’m paying a visit from Swap-bot’s Blogger Swap. I’m already a follower, though. I wish we had a bigger and better library in this town, but as they keep telling me, their funding just isn’t there.

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