No to Facebook Fan Page

I have been listening to all the hype about having a Facebook fan page and being on Facebook to promote your business. There’s mini shops you can install, promotions you can offer and tons of other things to do on Facebook that can help your business. So, naturally I’ve been thinking of going back.

See, I left in March when the privacy policy changed to allow Facebook to sell the information you post on your page and account, and even the links you click. This includes your email, address, phone number… all the conveniences you offer your friends and family. I left and never looked back. I don’t miss it, though some of the games were fun to play. [smiles]

Well, recently, I’ve been thinking about being a little private about my info and setting up another account with a fan page. Then, I read this:

“I’m definitely not the type of “social media evangelist” that thinks you need to be on every platform out there! I think you should engage your followers on the platforms they visit the most and the ones that you personally like the best. For me, that’s twitter & facebook. for others, it’s flickr & youtube. I think your efforts will look contrived if you don’t LOVE the platform your on. So if you don’t LOVE facebook, I wouldn’t bother setting up a page that you’re going to neglect. Same goes for twitter, etc… create a really current, interactive profile wherever you spend the most time!”


It was a comment by Tara Gentile on a readers comment about a post on “Facebook Strategy.” [did you sort through that? hehe] I think this quote puts it in perspective for me. I don’t want anything I offer you to be contrived or even feel that way. I want things to flow, be organic… like the food I eat. All natural, unplanned, loving posts from my heart. That’s important to me. So, next time I’m considering joining a site because the hype says to, I will think about where I’m comfortable. Currently, that’s tweeting on Twitter and posting here. Hope you enjoy my tweets! I’ll see you in the twitterverse!

Happy social networking!