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Swap-bot swap: I ♥ Your Blog!

I have been busy on a site called Swap-bot lately. Have you ever heard of it? Well, it’s a site that allows it’s members to swap different things, from email to crafts to ATCs and more. Whatever you want to swap, you can set up a swap with a fellow user or join the many swaps that are available. I have learned that I love ATCs, so I’ve joined a lot of ATC swaps on this site. I had 26 to make, but currently I have 20 to make. O_O I know. But I only join them if I can do them and I have them stretching out to January 3rd.

Anyhow, my current swap is the title of this post “I ♥ your blog Swap”. Specifically, I link back to my 7 partners blogs, which you can see on the LINKs page and I write a quick review of their blog. SO, here it goes…

Keeping up with the Joneses

This blog is written by a stay at home mom and homeschooler. She writes about her life and the art she creates. She’s also into ATCs, but a different style than I do. She mostly does collage. I admire that she finds the time and energy to contribute to a round robin journal.

Only in Cambodia

This blog is visually interesting as well as having great content. She writes about the happenings in Cambodia, but specifically about the effects of these things on the people. It’s a very humanitarian site with a lot of heart. You can hear it in her writing.

Random Adventures by HippoFairy

She writes about her daily life and doesn’t care about capitalization (might be part of the template). It’s so consistent that you don’t even notice after reading for a bit. She had a previous blog so this one doesn’t have very many posts, but at least she’s committed to posting.


This blog is written in two languages and she freely switches back and forth. One is Asian, not sure if it’s Japanese or not and the other is English. Her posts seem random, but offer a simple glimpse into her life. This is not a blog for the sake of conveying an idea, it’s there just to allow the owner an outlet.

Rachel’s World

This blog is written by a homeschooling mom and crafter. She writes about homeschooling and her religion mostly, but includes random excerpts from her daily life. She seems to really love being a mom and that comes across strongly in her posts.


Yup, that’s what I said, Miss Muff Cake. I love the name of her blog, which is very simply done with no added fluff. She’s a crafter that likes skulls, makeup, vegan food and has humanitarian interests. She also has an adorable Sylvester style kitty by the name of Mar.

What Oh What

This blog is written by an army wife who posts about her crafts and her life. I like how she painted the chair. The silver would look even better with a simpler fabric on the seat. She’s also a fabric horse like I am, which is something I can get behind. lol

Well, that’s it. All seven of the swap-bot blogs. Now, wouldn’t it be nice for you to pay these nice gals a visit.

Happy blogging!

Disclaimer: The websites mentioned in this post are not under the control of nor is their content necessarily endorsed by Hedgehog and Rabbit. I have no control over the nature, beliefs or content posted to these websites. Any association is merely for the purpose of following through with a commitment. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “I ♥ your blog Swap

  1. That’s awesome, I need to get back to doing swapbot. With moving I didn’t get into it much, but since I’m not going anywhere for a while I should look in to it. Maybe they can help me with my crafting block :)
    Oh I know Miss Muff Cake! how funny. She’s actually one of my sisters good friends. :)

  2. Thanks for reviewing my blog!!
    Haha, yeah, I am a very random person thus so are my post :P
    The other asian language is Mandarin. :D

  3. I thoroughly appreciated your review of my blog. I’m glad to be able provide “outsiders” a peak into a place like Cambodia, which is so drastically different from what most are familiar. I’m glad my “heart” comes through.

  4. Thanks for the nice review. And yup, no punctuations for me unless the program does it automatically (like my phone is doing right now). :) Btw, I love your blog!

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