I Take Sundays Off

I think the smartest decision I’ve made so far is to take Sundays off. Now, there’s nothing special about Sunday. Sunday was chosen because my 14 year old son, Rabbit, and my loving partner, Hedgehog, both have the day off and the town is basically dead. We spend that day taking time for each other and ignoring everything else. Friends are welcome to come hang out, but we don’t answer the phone (or spend a lot of time on it) or check email. Well, I don’t check email. Hedgehog has to check his email daily, but it doesn’t seem to take up too much time, so I don’t mind. Sundays are my day to relax.

So far it’s worked out okay. I slipped last Sunday and spent a few hours doing some light business reading. The Sunday before that I made a treasury, which took way longer than I would have liked. But all these flubs are learning experiences. I learned that I would prefer not to do treasuries on my day off. I learned that reading business articles don’t allow me to de-stress like I need to once a week.

So, my recommendation to you? Take a day off. Don’t check orders, don’t check email, don’t tweet, don’t do anything other than what you absolutely love and only engage those that are directly in front of you. You’ll be ready to get back into the mix the next day with mind power to spare.

I love Sundays now and hope this continues to be my sanctuary from my business for a long time to come.

Happy relaxing!