Showcase shows all

I decided to try the showcase on Sunday to see how my views work out. I think I learned a hard lesson folks. Take a look at my “concrete” results from Google analytics.

With no ads on Saturday, I got 23 visitors. On Saturday I purchased a showcase spot for Sunday, October 10th. As you can see ( I hope you can see… *squints at small numbers*), I had 24 visits on Sunday. I was also featured in a treasury on Sunday. I have no idea if they found me from my showcase. My initial brooch, which didn’t sell, was a pumpkin and they chose the oak leaf.  Then, on Monday I was featured in a treasury and got 18 visits.

The previous weekend is written in teal and shows a lower visit count, BUT (that’s a huge but. lol) if you see the small sample of trending, you’ll notice my views go down on Sundays. I take Sundays off, so I attribute it to that. Not sure exactly, but looking at my sources, I notice about 30% or more of my views come from twitter.

Now, the treasuries I didn’t plan, and though they were very sweet and awesome and amazing, they couldn’t have come at a worse time. Showcases are $7 a pop and I can’t accurately count this information as a positive. The one way I can look at this though, is that I was featured in many places those days and I barely… barely… had any extra views. I’d say maybe 6. Not enough to encourage me to buy any more showcases.

So, what did I learn? To not buy showcases, they’re not worth it.

My next experiment is going to be renewing 4 items a day for a week. I started last night and will do it every night through the 16th. I have political reasons why I don’t like renewing, but as a business minded individual, I have to consider the bottom line. I can help others out in other ways. Speaking of, have you seen my Giveaway post?

Happy renewing!