My First Blog Giveaway

I have always loved graphic design and even made a living out of it for 2 years. I mostly designed for print, such as business cards, clipart for wedding invitations, logos, letterheads and flyers. I started making banners when I started selling my own crafts online. They were touch and go at first, but once I figured it out they became very easy for me. I have noticed that I’m better at capturing someone else’s idea than settling on one for myself.

A few shops are still using my pro-bono or fair trade banners like: Crows Folly, Ronnie Renee, The King’s Gifts and Funny Fuser. I really enjoyed making these banners and have found them to be beneficial to my own creativity.

So, I have decided to give a banner to one lucky crafty person. You get to pick the colors, graphics and style. No out of the box banners. This is for a free custom banner for your blog or shop. I would prefer that the person asking for the graphic is a fellow crafter, but you can be just a blogger supporting the handmade movement. Any shop, any blog – I’m not biased.

The winner will receive a banner in the size and specs they want and, if desired, a matching avatar. This prize is valued at $50. The typical 3 revisions allowed still applies and, if you’re not completely satisfied with the end design, then your consolation prize is a real experience with a real designer. Because, let’s face it, if you’re in the crafting business to be successful, then you will eventually need to deal with a professional designer. Experience is the grease that lubricates the wheels of life. (smiles)

So the rules of the game. You have until the 15th of October to comment or tweet about this giveaway. When tweeting, use the hashtag #HRgiveaway. Let me know in the comments that you tweeted, counts as one entry. You can also comment (on top of tweeting) and get an additional entry. If you also blog about this, please leave another comment below letting me know you blogged, counts as one entry. SO, you can get up to 3 entries per person. On the 16th I will be running the comments through an automated number generator and will contact the lucky winner by email, so make sure your emails are entered when posting a comment.

Three ways to enter:

  1. Enter a comment below.
  2. Tweet about the giveaway and leave a comment telling me about it. Be sure to use the hashtag #HRgiveaway
  3. Blog about the giveaway.

You have until the 15th, so get to postin. I look forward to making that special one of a kind banner for one lucky person. And, who knows, if this all goes well, I might make this a regular (possibly monthly) giveaway. Happy posting!


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