Treasury Envy

I follow some amazing people on Twitter, because every time I click on a treasury link that’s been posted, it’s one of the best treasuries I’ve seen since the last one. That sort of thing makes me want to create a treasury myself. I have never done it, so it’d be an interesting experience.

Here’s one front page worthy treasury I’ve seen lately…

Princess Moments

I would show you more except twitter doesn’t allow timeline searches. Weird huh? I figured that would be basic Twitter stuff. It’s not. So, I cannot find any tweets in the past couple days specifically from those I follow. Bummer.

Anyhow, I’m thinking about a treasury. I have a theme and title all picked out. It’s just to take the time to do it. I may not have the time today, tomorrow or Saturday, but Sunday is looking good. Especially since this is for fun and Sundays I take the day off. I don’t even check my email on Sundays. It’s liberating, you should try it. :)


2 thoughts on “Treasury Envy

  1. What is a treasury exactly? Is it a collection (this was my guess from the princess link). If so, it’s funny I should stumble on this post because I was at Target yesterday and suddenly struck with the desire to start a Nutcracker collection. I suppose it wasn’t exactly sudden, since I’d just passed a shelf of themed nutcrackers – Ghosts, Easter bunnies, soldiers, squires, gorillas. I imagined my future house, the collection of odd, funny, and scary Nutcrackers lining the hallways. It made me crack a smile.

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