I gave in

It was kinda hard not to. I wasn’t planning on having a Zibbet or an Artfire or a Soopsee (pending they fix their stupid site) or (marketplace name here) on top of having my Big Cartel and Etsy shops. But after doing some research and realizing that my customers (viewers) are coming from Google and Twitter and nowhere else really, I decided that it doesn’t really matter where my shop is, just as long as I have one (or 3).

The main things I was interested in was an easy UI, a slick design and a reasonable listing fee (preferably free) and commission. Etsy offers that, Big Cartel offers that, so does Zibbet. Artfire has no clue what slick is. 1000markets was recently bought by Bonanza, so there’s no telling the direction they’re headed in until we see the new site release. Though with the lower commission they’re tempting — we’ll check back on them later. Folksy has too high of a commission/fee structure for my needs. DaWanda has a clean interface, reasonable fee structure, but Zibbet was more appealing. And come on… 3 marketplaces! I think that’s enough.

So, Zibbet… 25 items listed for free. No commission and you can list links in your shop to anywhere you want. WTH? Why aren’t more people flocking to Zibbet? Their fee structure and account features for their pro account are awesome. Very similar to Big Cartel, but with the added advantage of a marketplace. I was mostly impressed with the no commission sales on the 25 item shop, but after looking over their pro-shop options, we all know where I’m gonna go from here once the sales start rolling in (yes, it will happen).

Twenty items listed and I’m loving the Zibbet listing process and the fact that I can list something without making it instantly active. I have wanted that a few times on Etsy. Sometimes you just want to get the descriptions out of the way when you’re in the mood to write. You can do that on Zibbet without posting a half assed listing. I’m sayin’… Why aren’t more people using Zibbet?

I also wanted to add that Big Cartel has a super easy one page listing process, Etsy has a whopping 5 page listing process and Zibbet is 2 (3, if you count the proof) easy, simple pages. I really really prefer the one page listing of Big Cartel, but the Zibbet listing process is still simple and much much easier than Etsy… omg, so much easier.

Ok. So, you can find me on Zibbet, Big Cartel and Etsy. Zibbet will be full soon with 25 listings. Big Cartel is already full with 5 listings (sad face). Etsy will never be full, but with Zibbet taking over 25 items, I’m saving so much money. Technically it’s $5, but when you have only one sale in your Etsy shop, $5 is a lot more than one would want to spend. (that “one” being me)


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