This just listed

I listed a bunch of items in my Big Cartel shop. Three new couture bags to go with the one that was in there. I also removed my lower price items from there, since they’re available on Etsy. Big Cartel is where I’m listing all of my couture items: quality OOAK items at appropriate prices. This will include anything that doesn’t sit comfortably next to my less expensive Etsy items. Let’s face it! We can’t create couture ALL the time, but it does get made. Best to have one place for it.

I also listed 4 new items in my Etsy shop. I will be listing a few items a day until everything is listed from my brick and mortar selection. These are items I removed from a local over-crowded shop. I decided I was just going to take better pictures and take advantage of Etsy’s newly improved SEO searches. I’m glad I did, because I’m learning a lot.

So, look for new stuff listed every day in my shops. I’m hoping to eventually just use Big Cartel. I like it better over there. Here’s hoping this year does well, so I can do that. Happy listing!