Images ready?

After jurying, reshooting, editing, resizing and saving as jpeg, 330 pics are ready to be added to listings. I have considered just making the listings with what I have. Then, when I renew, add the pics that are missing. I think it’s realistic. If it sells, it’s one less thing to photograph on a model. If it doesn’t sell, I can always improve the listing and relist. Etsy would like that anyway (extra .20).

I have a couple things that need to be reshot before listing, but I think there’s enough here to list a few (maybe 50) things. lol. My issue is keeping track of everything. What’s needs to be shot and what’s done being shot. I already have a system for editing: psd folder, jpeg folder, edited originals folder, unedited folder and a not using folder. Keeps everything from getting confused and mixed up. But now I need to take the jpeg folder and organize THAT for listings. Fun! (sarcasm implied)

Enough of that boring stuff. I’m just gonna list a couple things today and see how it works. It’ll be fine (reassures self). Images ready? Yeah. Let’s do this!

Happy everything!