Figuring it all out

I think I’m pretty determined to figure out this photography issue. I went to the library today and brought home “The Complete Guide to Light and Lighting in Digital Photography” by Micheal Freeman. It has a ton of useful info that will help me set up a properly lit area for picture taking. The other book I needed was about staging. The library is looking for one that specifically deals with product shots and commercial photography. Hopefully they find something helpful.

I have a handful of shots I’ve taken so far that I absolutely love. Especially the one with my bag, my iphone and wallet. I think they compliment each other and make the bag look useful.

I still need a model to photograph my brooches and bags on. I wonder if I should put in an ad at the local college. I want someone young, hip and thin. Young and thin sells. I hate that part, but they do. The issue with finding someone to photograph is figuring out how to photograph them. Yeah, not something I’m looking forward to.

Well, I’m figuring it all out. I want most of my pics done before I start listing things. I have over 100 items to list. I could list twice a day for the next month and still be able to keep my shop “fresh”. Once the photography is done and figured out, it should be fairly easy to set up and do a quick shoot once new products are made. Should be – in theory.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Happy photographing!