Big task

My photographer came over last night. We set up an area with lights and background and went to work. We started with my jewelry, made it half way through and had to quit. It’s was about 2:30 when she left. We still have a ton more to photograph.

She is a genius with macro. I don’t think I’d have been able to make that stuff look that good on my own. She really captured the beauty of my pieces that you get to see in person. A few of the photographs were even front page material. We’ll see if Etsy thinks so too.

Now I’m all inspired to grab my partners Cannon Mark III and have a go at my wallets and my brooches. That camera is amazing and couldn’t take a bad picture (on auto) if you tried. Mess with the f stop or the iso too much and you still get art, but not good enough pics for a product shot. Lol. I will not be messing with either of those. Auto is just fine for me.

I was going through everything last night, picking stuff that needs to be photographed. I did NOT realize how many scarves I have to photograph. There was something like a dozen or more (mind blown). I need a model for those. Maybe I’ll use my 9 yo. That should be an interesting set of photos. But I’d feel bad trying so many on him. He’d get bored real quick. My 14 yo wouldn’t be much better.

I was insecure about how many different things I’ll be posting in my shop until I realized how much I had of everything. 10 rings, 8 pendants, 2 bracelets, 24 wallets, 12+ scarves, 5 purses (my most popular item), 2 rosaries, 12+ brooch/barrettes, 12+ mini journals, 3 journals and 5 cards. That’s almost 100 different things. I don’t think anyone will mind a full shop of so many things as long as the photographs and descriptions are on par.

Maybe I do have enough things to do a craft show or a farmers market. I always assumed I needed to have a lot of one thing to offer at craft shows, but I think I’d even do well with what I have. It’s all great quality and, I think, it’s all about presentation.

I veered off course there a minute, but this is a blog, so who cares. As you can tell, I have a lot to photograph. We barely made a scratch last night. So, hopefully I can help out with the easier to photograph stuff and we can get this busted out by next month. Here’s to some amazing photography coming to my shop soon (raises glass of ovaltine) and here’s to my awesome photographer for making it happen (clink!). Happy outsourcing!