Next baby step

I have an appointment tonight with a friend/photographer. We’re gonna bust out some photos of my brick and mortar stuff. She knows lighting and staging, and she’s awesome to boot, so this should be fun.

We may even photograph my new product line. I think it’s ready. I’m just not ready to announce it as the thing I’m doing right now (maybe next week – ha!). But the things I’ve been making have been turning out pretty good quality. I will be listing them once I figure out pricing.

The pricing obstacle is huge. Some of my items are hand embroidered – which takes a long time. A small project can take hours (and hours and hours…). It’s just hard to price what it’s worth and expect people to pay that.

So, in the end, there may be more machine embroidered items than hand embroidered. My plans for some hand embroidered buttons I made (posted pics on twitter) requires a lot of hand embroidery on the item they’re attached to. I suppose those can be my couture items – every artist should have them. I just know they’ll be my slower moving product (like a turtle in a snow storm). Machine embroidery will offer a different look and a more affordable item. Hopefully the difference will be apparent.

Next week is coming up fast. After this photography session, I have photo editing to do and descriptions to write. Then, list list list. So, my projected date of “by next month” (lots of wiggle room there) is working out well. I love it when I can keep up with a plan (no matter how vague and wiggly). Don’t you?

Hope your day is awesome. Happy crafting!