Moving on is moving on

I remade my banner, colorized my sidekicks, and updated my big cartel shop. The Etsy shop is next as it needs shipping profiles and the policies changed. I have some things to list from the b&m rotation. I just need to photograph it all. We’re talking purses, wallets, brooches/barettes, jewelry, scarves, cards and journals. Hmm, there’s a ton of stuff to fill the store. At least 60 items. I believe I have my work cut out for me.

My two least favorite things is writing descriptions and shipping things. Which is why it was all in a brick and mortar. My next least favorite is taking pictures and editing them. Elgarbo on Etsy has made that easier, but I’m still not front page material when it comes to photography. Editing them isn’t such a hassle just time consuming.

Reading that last paragraph, I think I have some perception changing to do. What do you think? XD Let’s work on that. Because if I don’t enjoy at least most of this process it’s not going to work. So moving on is moving on. And not move, stop, move, stop. There may even be some whining in there. Lol

So next thing is to photograph after the Etsy policies have been updated (baby steps). Photographing things can be fun (perception change). Maybe I should read a few articles on staging (making perception change easier). Then I can call a friend for help and make an afternoon of it (help always makes things more fun).

Alright, so it’s settled. Look for some new items in my shop in the next month. There’s a ton to be photographed, so there’s a ton to offer you guys. Yay! Happy day.