Had a fight with Illustrator

… and I lost.

We’re not on talking terms anymore. There goes the pattern business. I suppose I could outsource, but that would only work if I was making money hand over fist.

Business decisions are tough decisions. I thought this one was the right one since all the pieces fit except the most important… enjoyment. Using illustrator was causing me way too much stress. Silly little things like that are important when making decisions to move on.

So, I have moved on. Still not sure if I like the name Hedgehog and Rabbit for my new endeavors or if I want to go back to Juniper Drive. Both are great names. I own the rights to both. I just need to pick a name to label my next thing (I’m not giving up, I have to create.) with.

After evaluating my skills and my weaknesses, I have decided to make ********. I’ve made two composites so far, using different materials and they turned out good – better than expected. So, they can only get better from here. When I have a dozen or so, I’ll be submitting them to local shops. I may even submit them to Etsy.

My initial choice to offer PDF patterns in my shop was strictly because I hate shipping things. Email is easy. The post office isn’t convenient, plus I hate charging extra fees. So, local selling makes sense for my handmade goods. Well, I understand that there may be people that want my ******** online, so I will do commissions and add a few to my shop for the holidays. But, I’m not excited about offering a huge selection online. Etsy may be out for this. Big Cartel may be my only choice, as they don’t charge listing fees and my shop is full at 5 items.

Ah, anyway. I may be being too honest with you guys. I just think learning from others mistakes is a valuable tool. Learn grasshopper, learn.


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