Slow, like turtle

I have been slowly working on my shop. Tweaking the announcement, adding missing pics to the listings. You may have noticed that there are only 3 listings. Well, in my defense, I’m pregnant, have a house guest this whole month and have a household to run. Lately, that has taken priority over making any new patterns.

I hope to have a few more patterns released before the end of Oct. That’s my goal. Each pattern takes a minimum of 3 days to make and edit. The larger they get, the longer I expect them to take. This is why I started on the smaller patterns.

My zipper wallet turned out so well, I’m looking forward to adding two sewing/embroidery notions and 2 embroidery patterns. I have a commission coming up for one of the patterns and will wait for that to take pics and list the pattern. The other embroidery idea I have is waiting on the perfect dress pattern for the baby. I may already have it, I just need to figure out the placement.

I hope to release some bag patterns soon. I hit a snafu and need to work out some specifics before any bag release. By the holidays is all I can promise right now. But we’ll see. When my house guest leaves, I may just jump into production mode and figure out the issue with the bag patterns. It depends, really.

Looking forward to slowly, but surely offer you more patterns in my shop. I am the turtle, koo-koo-ka-choo! or something like that. lol.

Happy sewing!