Finished my first pattern

Okay, this blog is a little late since I’ve already posted and sold one copy of my Zipper Wallet Pattern. But I thought I would blog about it anyway.

So the zipper wallet was a modification I made to an existing design, that was such a great success, I figured a zipper would make it better. IT DID! People loved it. So, now I offer you the pattern to make and share your own special versions of this wallet.

The trouble with making patterns to sell, is to have enough images of the wallet itself. Um, yeah… about that! (scratches head) I can only find the wallets made with the bonus pattern included in my zipper wallet pattern PDF.

This is where fate and chance come in. I posted about my shop listing and within hours I had an order for the grey cord and lace zipper wallet. Whoo Hoo! I can now make one to photograph without wasting materials. I’m excited about this opportunity for two reasons. It fits with a current need AND I get to sell one of my original pieces. Win/win.

Alright, so check out my shop listing for the pattern and leave lovely comments below. I look forward to making you guys some more amazing patterns to make and share your creative genius with the world. Happy Sewing.