Almost there!

Hedgehog and Rabbit is an original pattern shop on Etsy. I will be posting PDF patterns of purses, bags, handbags and whatever else I invent. It’ll be super easy for customers to download and print these patterns from their home printer. You can visit the shop here.

I have set up a Twitter and a Flickr Group. Follow my tweets to find out the latest information regarding the shop. Plus, twitter exclusive sales will take place pretty regularly. When you’ve finished a project from my shop, feel free to post pics in the flickr group. This is your place to show off your amazing version of my patterns. I really look forward to seeing them.

Right now, the shop is under construction, as I have yet to digitize any of my paper patterns. But they will be coming soon. I hope to get the simpler one’s out of the way first. So, look forward to seeing an easy messenger bag and a beginner wallet pattern in the coming weeks.

Happy sewing!